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What makes us the right choice:

  • Guaranteed 24 hour response time

  • Asking the right questions and sending the correct information the first time

  • On site service and survey, coordinating with project managers to ensure the proper finish product

  • We offer our own installations as an option

  • On hand inventory ensures product is there when it needs to be without delay

  • Product training to ensure maximum efficiency for our customers

  • Honesty and integrity are part of our core values, reflected along the entire solution process

The Ecoloxia Difference


Recent Projects

Tim Hortons

Employees can easily locate the appropriate waste bin by the lid color and load the container to it full capacity because it is not too tall to throw those heavy bags in. Also the lid cannot be left open with the gravity close preventing animals front entering.



The sleek and integrated look of these containers fits the message Porsche wants to send at this dealership. Sometimes the waste a company produces can be a downside; smelly, dirty and not appealing are all words we have used. Now they can maximize their space without having to hide the waste containers and instead have them compliment their appearance.

Public Library

Odors will not be a problem anymore for this public establishment, the ground temperature will keep these refusals cool and not permit the growth of bacteria. Two green lid containers promotes recycling as this city moves toward a greener tomorrow.

Vialoka Bromont I.jpg


Centralized garbage collection never looked so invisible. That's what this property manager is seeing after the installation of these two 6.5cubic yard containers. Having realized the frequency of pickups increasing, they implemented the semi-buried solution from Ecoloxia the garbage truck comes half as often saving money and emissions.

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