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Our Mission

"To change the way we look at garbage"

Scholten Environmental is dedicated to above all-fulfilling the needs of our customers and giving them the solutions to become more efficient both financially and resourcefully.

This approach stems directly from our core values which we uphold in our dealings; honesty and integrity. It is through these values that our customers have come to know us. We strive to put the needs of your business first and be a vital partner on your team.

We believe our product offers just that; the chance to make the waste side of your establishment more efficient and attractive. Our progressive partner; Ecoloxia has the same goal in mind and together we work to make your business better.

What makes us the right choice?

  • Guaranteed 24 hour response time

  • Asking the right questions and sending the correct information the first time

  • On site visits, coordinating with project managers to ensure the proper finish product

  • We offer our own installations as an option

  • On hand inventory ensures product is there when it needs to be without delay

  • Product training to ensure maximum efficiency for our customers

  • Honesty and integrity are part of our core values, reflected along the entire process

Check out the Ecoloxia website link here and discover possibility:

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